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Clarification Regarding AWSA Rule 10.06C

With the changes that occurred in changing the ZBS rule, the Rules Committee discovered that when the rule was amended the following portion of rule 10.06C should have been kept in place. There may still be skiers who want to ski above their age division maximum speed and accept the lower speed as their score. It will not put them on the IWWF ranking list this way nor use the new ZBS matrix, but it will allow some skiers maybe for health reasons to use this option.

The scoring program has already been upgraded and to have two types of scoring for the few that want this option is not a procedure that will be offered. So to score this option the skier will be started at the age division maximum speed and the times will need to be verified manually.

10.06C: A skier may elect to start at a speed higher than his division maximum speed, up to his respective Open Division maximum speed, and may not return to his division maximum speed on subsequent passes. Any passes skied at that higher speed shall receive credit for buoys as though they were being run at his division maximum speed.





















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