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Rodgers Wins Big Dawg Stop No. 4

U.S. athlete Jeff Rodgers (Greenwood, S.C.) won the fourth stop of the 2014 Nautique Big Dawg World Slalom Tour, presented by O’Brien, on Sunday in Graham, Wash. The 2014 Nautique Big Dawg World Slalom Tour consists of four events plus the tour finals. Each tour stop, as well as the series finale, includes two rounds of 34 mph record-capability slalom action, followed by a bracketed 16-skier head-to-head finale. Rodgers defeated fellow U.S. athlete Greg Badal (Brentwood, Calif.) in the head-to-head finale, scoring 2 buoys at 41 feet off to Badal’s ½-buoy at 41 feet off. For complete results, visit www.nautiquebigdawg.com.

In the head-to-head format, the top seed has the option of skiing first or second, but whoever went out second has to beat the first skier's score (ties go to the skier who opted to ski first). Skiers age 35 and older who have not placed in the top 10 of a professional slalom tournament in the past three years are qualified to compete in the series.

Great Britain's Jeremy Newby-Ricci is the defending Big Dawg champion.

The 2014 Qualifying Events for Finals:

Tour Stop No. 1: April 12-13, Guadalajara, Mexico (The top-two skiers from entire Latin American Senior Tour and any non Latin American skier with a score of 3 buoys at 39-1/2 feet off are eligible.) Winner: David Miller (Canada)

Tour Stop No. 2: June 28-29, Canton, Miss. (Sweet 16 Finalists) Winner: David Miller (Canada)

Tour Stop No. 3: July 5-6, Baurech, France (The top-three skiers not previously qualified for 2014 NBDWT Finals will be eligible) Winner: Andy Mapple: Great Britain

Tour Stop No. 4: July 19-20, Graham, Wash. (Sweet 16 Finalists) Winner: Jeff Rodgers (Greenwood, S.C.)

Tour Finals: Aug. 14-15, San Marcos, Texas (The balance of skiers will be invited based on placement at USA Qualifiers)

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