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Hall of Fame Inductions This Weekend

Cheryl Orloff will be the 67th inductee into the USA Water Ski Foundation's Water Ski Hall of Fame.The USA Water Ski Foundation will hold its 32nd annual hall of fame induction ceremony on Saturday night at Fantasy of Flight in Polk City, Fla. Cheryl Orloff will be the 67th inductee into the USA Water Ski Foundation’s Water Ski Hall of Fame, which is located in Polk City. The 2014 Award of Distinction recipients are: Mike Botti, Danny Churchill, Dave Goode, Charlotte Melchers and Sherm Schraft.

Orloff's more than 30-year show skiing career started in 1979 with the Brown’s Lake Aquaducks in Burlington, Wis., and continued at Marine World Africa USA and Cypress Gardens. Along the way she performed in cities throughout the United States as well as several foreign countries, including Colombia, Holland, Japan, Jordan, Paris, Sweden and Turkey.

Orloff won the national swivel title at the Show Ski National Championships in 1992, 1993, 1995, 1998 and 1999. She also won the Southern Regionals’ swivel title six times. She was the All-American swivel champion four times and the doubles champion two times. She was named Cypress Gardens Female Skier of the Year in 1985, 1986, 1988, 1991 and 1996.

A true innovator in swivel skiing, Orloff accomplished many first-time achievements, including the 720 overhead, 1080 overhead, 540 overhead to press and 1440 overhead. She also was the first to do a shoulder-to-shoulder handstand on water, and she was part of the first 5-tier pyramid and first 20-girl swivel ballet line.

In addition to her competitive prowess, Orloff also has worked behind the scenes with the National Show Ski Association in developing new judging systems for swivel and doubles, and has devoted countless hours not only to judging clinics, but also to swivel and doubles clinics, mentoring several national-caliber competitors.

Botti is credited with advancing barefoot water skiing skills toward those of the Australians in the 1970s. He pioneered the upright stance for surface turns and is credited with being the first in the world to do wake turns, a wake 360 and a ˝-wrap. He is credited as the first in the United States to do back one-foot wake slalom, back one-foot deep-water start, all four surface turns, and all four wake turns. 

Churchill, an innovator in the sport of kneeboarding, bought Glide Slide in the wake of the 1973 oil crisis. He redesigned the Glide Slide to make it more stable and renamed the product Hydroslide in 1976. He is most commonly known for popularizing kneeboarding through advertising and promotions in the then newly released full color water ski publications of the late 1970s and early 1980s. Churchill passed away on Nov. 26, 2013.

Goode, the founder and president of Goode Ski Technologies, has shown broad support of three-event water skiing as a competitor, official, tournament host and organizer, sponsor, and industry innovator. He is recognized throughout the world as a leader in carbon fiber technology and as a pioneer in ski building. He also is a highly respected ski set-up technician and shares his knowledge and experience with many of the world’s top athletes and coaches.

Melchers served as an AWSA national director from 1989-1995. She has served multiple times as chief judge of the Southern Regional Water Ski Championships, Water Ski National Championships and the Masters Water Ski Tournament. Under Melchers' leadership, the Ski Club of the Palm Beaches (and Okeeheelee Park) has hosted 13 Water Ski National Championships, five Southern Regional Water Ski Championships, two Florida State Water Ski Championships and the 1989 Water Ski World Championships.

Schraft has worked as an appointed judge and chief judge at the Water Ski World Championships, Junior Water Ski World Championships, Pan American Water Ski Championships, Water Ski National Championships, U.S. Open, Masters and Junior U.S. Open. He has served as president of the National Show Ski Association (1994-1998), American Water Ski Association (1998-99) and USA Water Ski (2001-2007).

The purpose of the Water Ski Hall of Fame is to honor and perpetuate the names and accomplishments of skiers, pioneers and officials whose dedication and competitive achievements at national and international levels have brought lasting fame to the sport of water skiing. Four categories of membership have been approved by the AWSEF's board of trustees: competitive water skiers, including participants in traditional water skiing, barefoot skiing, ski racing and any other nationally competitive individual discipline recognized by USA Water Ski and approved by the AWSEF board of trustees; water skiing pioneers; water skiing officials; and show skiing. The Award of Distinction was created to recognize many individuals who have made extraordinary contributions to our sport. They may include tournament skiers, innovators, industry leaders, officials and others responsible for landmark achievements in the development of water skiing as well as those whose long periods of dedicated and generous service deserve special recognition. Those honored with the Award of Distinction remain eligible for nomination to the Hall of Fame. For eligibility requirements and more information, visit www.waterskihalloffame.com
















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