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Having FUN Today...Building CHAMPIONS For Tomorrow
Having FUN Today...Building CHAMPIONS For Tomorrow

Krueger, Lang Win Moomba Masters' Titles

Freddy Krueger won the men's jumping title for the second consecutive year.U.S. water ski athletes Freddy Krueger (Winter Garden, Fla.) and Erika Lang (Gilbert, Ariz.) won titles in respective events at the 54th Moomba Masters, March 7-10, in Melbourne, Australia.

Krueger won the men's jumping title for the second consecutive year, soaring 215 feet (65.5 meters) in the finals. Germany's Bojan Schipner (214 feet/65.2 meters) finished second and U.S. athlete Zack Worden (Deltona, Fla.) placed third (209 feet/63.6 meters). Krueger also won the Moomba Masters' men's night jumping competition for the second consecutive year with a distance of 205 feet.

Erika Lang won the women's tricks title for the second consecutive year.Lang won the women's tricks title for the second consecutive year, scoring 8,670 points in the finals. Belarus' Natallia Berdnikava finished second with 8,520 points and Canada's Whitney McClintock was third with 8,350 points.

In other events, McClintock won women's slalom, scoring 4 buoys at 38 feet off. Australia's Emma Sheers finished second (1-1/2 buoys at 38 feet off) and U.S. athlete April Coble-Eller (Lillington, N.C.) placed third (1 buoys at 38 feet off). Australia's Jacinta Carroll won women’s jumping with a distance of 174 feet (52.9 meters). Berdnikava finished second (172 feet/52.3 meters) and France's Marion Mathieu (165 feet/50.2 meters) placed third. U.S. athlete Lauren Morgan (Odessa, Fla.) placed fifth (159 feet/48.6 meters). Italy's Thomas Degasperi won men's slalom, scoring 3 buoys at 39-1/2 feet off. New Zealand’'s Aaron Larkin finished second (2-1/2 buoys at 39-1/2 feet off) and U.S. athlete Brian Detrick (Elk Grove, Calif.) placed third (2-1/2 buoys at 39-1/2 feet off). U.S. athlete and defending champion Chris Parrish (Orlando, Fla.) placed eighth (0 buoys at 35 feet off). In men's tricks, Australia's Josh Briant won the title, scoring 10,600 points. U.S. athlete Jimmy Siemers (Round Rock, Texas) finished second with 10,010 points and France's Pierre Ballon was third with 9,840 points. 

Complete results can be found by visiting: http://www.iwwfed-ea.org/classic/14AUS326/.

Three U.S. athletes also won respective titles at the 2014 Junior Moomba Masters, March 5-6, in Melbourne. Erika Lang (Gilbert, Ariz.) won girls' tricks and overall, Bailey Austin (Buda, Texas) won girls' slalom and Taylor Garcia (Winter Garden, Fla.) won boys' jumping. Results of the Junior Moomba Masters were based on a two-round scoring total and can be viewed by visiting http://www.iwwfed-ea.org/classic/14AUS325/.

Austin won girls' slalom, scoring 4 buoys at 32 feet off in the first round and 2-1/2 buoys at 35 feet off in the second round. Lang (4-1/2 at 32 feet off/1 at 35 feet off) finished runner-up and Australia's Stephanie Griffiths (3 at 32 feet off/4-1/2 at 32 feet off) was third. U.S. athlete Jenna Morgan (Odessa, Fla.) placed fourth (3 at 32 off/4 at 28 off).

Lang won girls' tricks for the fourth consecutive year at the Junior Moomba Masters, scoring 5,300 points in the first round and 8,220 points in the second round. Malaysia's Aaliyah Yoong-Hanifah (5,600 points/5,920 points) finished second and Australia's Katelyn Miller (4,000 points/4,520 points) was third. Austin and Morgan placed sixth and eighth, respectively.

Lang also won girls' overall for the second consecutive year, tallying 2,931.03 points. Griffiths placed second with 2,183.04 points and Miller was third with 2,113.02 points. Morgan (2,091.77 points) placed fifth. In girls’ jumping, Griffiths won the title with distances of 116 feet and 119 feet. Lang placed second with distances of 114 feet and 110 feet. New Zealand's Jasmine Hiini was third with distances of 108 feet and 107 feet. Morgan (102 feet/101 feet) placed sixth.

Garcia won boys' jumping with distances of 176 feet and 179 feet. Australia's Josh Briant finished runner-up with distances of 160 feet and 169 feet. U.S. athlete Nick Lang (Gilbert, Ariz.) placed third with distances of 169 feet and 157 feet.

In boys' tricks, Briant (10,150 points/11,200 points) won the title, followed by Nick Lang with 6,680 points/7,160 points, and Australia's Adam Potts (5,850 points/6,490 points). Garcia (4,860 points/4510 points) placed fifth. In boys' slalom, Briant won the title with scores of 2 at 38 off and ˝ at 38 off. Australia's Craig Jeude placed second with scores of 3 at 35 off and 2 at 38 off, and Garcia was third with scores of 1 at 38 off and 3-1/2 at 35 off. Lang placed fifth with scores of 1 at 35 off and 3 at 35 off. Briant also won the boys' overall title tallying 2,910.14 points. Lang placed second with 2,435.79 points and Garcia was third with 2,411.20 points.

























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