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Having FUN Today...Building CHAMPIONS For Tomorrow
Having FUN Today...Building CHAMPIONS For Tomorrow

Malibu ProAm Atlanta Set For May 24-26

The third annual Malibu ProAm Atlanta will take place Memorial Day Weekend (May 24-26) on Princeton Lake at WaterSki Atlanta in Atlanta, Ga.

On Saturday, May 24, the qualifier will consist of two rounds of amateur skiing for 24 skiers. All age divisions as well as men, women, and juniors can compete. All amateur skiers will be competing against their 12-month AWSA average during both rounds in a Handicap Format. The top-12 amateur skiers, 50 percent of the field, who ski as closest to, or higher than their 12-month AWSA average, will advance to a one round semifinal on Sunday, May 25.

Example:  A skier has an 81.0 12-month AWSA average (3@28) and is in Women 3. She scores 82.0 (4@28) and 83.0 (5@28) during the two rounds Saturday. Her Total buoy count is 165. Her 12-month AWSA average is 81.0 or 162.0 if doubled. Her 165 score over two rounds is 3 buoys higher then 162, so her score for the two rounds is +3 buoys.

On Sunday, May 25, the top-12 highest handicap + or – buoy count scores in relation to each skier’s AWSA 12-month average will ski one semifinal round. The top-six handicapped scores from the semifinal round will advance to the finals to share the dock with the Pros on Monday, May 26.

Also on Sunday, May 25, 12 Masters Men competitors will compete in two rounds. The highest six combined scores from both rounds will advance to the finals on Monday, May 26.

Finally on Sunday, May 25, a one-round Last Chance Qualifier for Open Skiers will take place for eight Open Women and 16 Open Men. The top-four Open Women scores and the top-eight Open Men scores will advance to the Open preliminaries on Monday, May 26.

On Monday (Memorial Day), May 26, Open preliminaries will begin the day with eight Open Women competing (four Invited and four from the LCQ); this will be followed by Open Men preliminaries (eight invited and eight from the LCQ). The top-six in each Open division will advance to the finals. Immediately after the Open preliminaries will be the finals for all divisions – six amateurs (handicapped scoring still applies), six Masters Men, six Open Women and six Open Men. There will be a cash prize for Open skiers and awards for amateur skiers.

For more information, visit www.waterskiatlanta.com.

























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