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Proposed Amendment To USA-WS Bylaws

The United States Olympic Committee has created a Safe Sport Initiative with the requirement to make every sport environment free of any forms of physical or sexual abuse, harassment, hazing, and inappropriate behaviors by people in authority. The initiative has minimum standards for all of its National Governing Bodies and as a recognized Pan American sport of the USOC, USA Water Ski is joining with them, to follow these standards.

A Safe Sport Manual is being prepared for presentation to the USA Water Ski board of directors and the Bylaws of USA Water Ski will need to be amended to implement and administer this initiative. The USA Water Ski Bylaws will be amended in ARTICLE IV US OLYMPIC COMMITTEE AND INTERNATIONAL WATERSKI AND WAKEBOARD FEDERATION COMPLIANCE, Section A, new section 5 added:

“USA Water Ski and its affiliated Sport Disciplines will not tolerate any form of harassment, abuse or misconduct and will uphold a zero tolerance policy, consistent with the United States Olympic Committee Safe Sport initiative.”

This amendment to the USA Water Ski Bylaws will be presented for approval at the USA Water Ski board of directors meeting on Jan. 26, 2014.

– Jeff Clark, Chair USA Water Ski Bylaws Committee

















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