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Level 1 Adaptive Certification Program

The Water Skiers with Disabilities Association, a sport discipline organization of USA Water Ski, has created the Adaptive Water Ski Certification Program, which includes a comprehensive manual and testing materials. This manual is intended to introduce adapted water skiing equipment and teaching progressions to persons of all interests and levels of water skiing ability.

Primarily, this material was designed for individuals with previous experience teaching water skiing. A USA Water Ski Level 1 Instructor's Rating or its equivalent is highly recommended (available from USA Water Ski) and is a prerequisite for the Adaptive Coach’s Certification. Much of the information contained in the manual is not about skiing, but about the idiosyncrasies of teaching water skiing to students with physical disabilities.

Secondarily, this manual assists individuals having experience working with persons with disabilities in gaining a basic understanding of adapted water skiing techniques. Agency supervisors and recreation or camp directors considering a "learn to ski" program for people with disabilities will gain an understanding of the requirements of such a program. Directors of ski schools for the able bodied will learn adaptive water ski coaching progressions, the proper use of specialized ski equipment, and basic information about the most common disabilities, transfers and precautions.  The manual is not intended to satisfy the coach of competitive-oriented skiers.
To complete the Level 1 Adaptive Certification, you must have your Level 1 American Water Ski Association Instructor's Certification. A prospective coach can take both Level 1 certifications at the same time.
You can find the benefits Information about certifying, the process and cost to initially achieve certification and the renewal requirements for the Level 1 AWSA Instructor's Certification by clicking on the Coaching Resources link on the left-hand drop-down menu on USA Water Ski’s web site.

All those interested in purchasing these manuals or manuals with testing materials are recommended to do so online for simplicity's sake by clicking here.

Whether purchased online or directly from USA Water Ski headquarters, shipping and handling fees will be added to the below totals:

Adaptive Manual Only:
USA Water Ski Members - $10
Non-members - $20

Adaptive Manual With Adaptive Testing Material:
Available to USA Water Ski Members only - $25
(non-members are not eligible for an Adaptive Level 1 Certification)

















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