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Club Insurance Program Renewed

USA Water Ski and Entertainment & Sports Insurance eXperts (ESIX) are pleased to announce the renewal of the USA Water Ski Club Insurance Program for 2013.

The program, which is owned and managed by USA Water Ski, has been designed to provide General Liability and Participant Accident coverage for club operations, activities and exposures that fall outside of the scope of insurance provided by USA Water Ski as part of sanctioning. The insurance coverage afforded through USA Water Ski as part of sanctioning only applies while a sanctioned event is taking place, and does not provide coverage for your club and its members when the sanctioned event is over or for club activities and exposures which cannot be sanctioned through USA Water Ski. The USA Water Ski Club Insurance Program fills this gap. Here are a few more of the programís highlights:

*††† The program is optional and available exclusively to USA Water Ski affiliated clubs in good standing.†

*††† The program has been designed to dovetail with the USA Water Ski sanctioned event coverage.

*††† This program provides coverage for liability arising out of the club's day-to-day operations and activities that are sponsored, organized and/or supervised by the clubs, but for which sanctioning is not available through USA Water Ski.†

*††† This program contemplates coverage for common club activities such as dinner functions, award banquets/ceremonies, meetings, membership drives and approved fund-raisers, etc.†

*††† The program also provides 24-hour coverage for liability associated with club-owned or leased equipment (such as ski jumps, slalom courses, piers/docks, swim platforms, and other equipment) and the clubís maintenance of such equipment.

*††† New for 2013, the program provides the ability for clubs that own or lease a private lake and are responsible for the entire body of water on a 24-hour basis to purchase private lake liability coverage.†

For more details about the 2013 USA Water Ski Club Insurance Program, please go to the "Club Insurance Program" link under the "Insurance Resources" section on the left-side menu of the USA Water Ski Web site. For additional assistance, call 1-800-533-2972. USA Water Ski strongly encourages all of our affiliated clubs to participate in this vital insurance program to ensure that your club has adequate protection both during and apart from the sanctioned events.
















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