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Rules Exception Request Approved By Board

May 31, 2019

Attention AWSA Members/GOODE Nationals Skiers,

Any skiers ranked level 9 or above in Open are eligible to enter America’s Cup. Skiers must enter, register, and pay for both the GOODE Water Ski National Championships as well as the America's Cup. The Open divisions of the Nationals will serve as the prelims of the America’s Cup. Any skiers skiing in Open (America’s Cup prelims) and also in their respective age division will need to notify the Chief Register, Chief Scorer, and Chief Judge by July 27, 2019 of which division they will be skiing in for placement and which for non-placement. Whichever division they will be skiing for non-placement, they will be first off the dock (seeded by non-placement skiers) in that division except for jump where the running order will by ramp height first. The age division events of the Nationals will not be delayed for any skiers choosing to ski twice for the purposes of entering America’s Cup (i.e. non-placement in open). Age division nationals events would only be delayed for the purposes of accommodating overall skiers under rule 3.03F. Lastly, regarding Regional participation, anyone entering Open at Nationals for the purpose of non-placement and thus just a score for America’s Cup, do not need to ski twice at Regionals in the same manner. Only skiers skiing twice under rule 3.03F must ski both divisions at Regionals.