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Junior All-Star Teams Announced For 76th GOODE Nationals

Each year at the GOODE Water Ski National Championships, Junior All-Star teams representing their respective regions compete in a three-event overall tournament. Teams are made up of six skiers and one alternate. There must be one skier from each division: Boys 2, Boys 3, Girls 2 and Girls 3. Members of the 12-member National Junior Water Ski Team are not eligible to participate on an All-Star team. The teams are selected at the regional championships based on their scores coming into the Regionals as well as their actual performance at the Regionals.  

The 2018 All-Star Teams are listed below:

Eastern Region:
Brody Keller B3
Evan Robbins B3
Robert Powell B2
Sage Potbecker G3
Samantha Hill G2
Emma Davis G2
Jake Abelson (alt)

Western Region:
Carter Reese B2
Kendra Nathan G2
Blaze Grubbs B3
Jana Grubbs G3
Collin Diviak B3
Nathan Cherry B3
Sierra Klinchuch (alt)

South Central Region:
Alana Jones G2
Joseph McCreary B2
Andrew Boskus B2
Caroline Parker G3
Brooke Boskus G3
Cade Stockstill B3
Griffin Stange (alt)

Midwest Region:
Parker Shull B3
Ty Kosek B2
Alexis Mishler G2
Tianna Kosek G3
Alyssa Drake G3
Edward Roberts B3
Brendan Schultz (alt)

Southern Region:
Will Blair B2
James Bryans B3
Elizabeth Hall G2
Charlsey Newman G3
Conner Pauley B2
Austin Collins B3
Emma Goldstein (alt)